Hi! We're a communications agency!

Collective creativity, genuine insight and exceptional execution are the cornerstones of everything we do. We are phenomenal at delivering spectacular and innovative solutions that change the conditions for our clients, their customers, and often the world around us.

Communication concepts, strategic consulting, concept development, advertising, 360 marketing campaigns.

Strategy and concept

Communication concepts, strategic consulting, concept development, advertising, 360 marketing campaigns.

Branding and design

Brand strategy, design strategy, visual identity, typeface design, spatial design, packaging design.

Film and motion design


Dynamic pr

Communication plans, PR strategies, media training, press processing and crisis communication.

Digital innovation and UX

Product strategy, digital tools and products, user research, needs analyses, customer journeys, web concepts, UX/UI design. Configuration and analysis of Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Data/Looker Studio.

Digital marketing

Channel strategy, social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and LinkedIn), SEM advertising, programmatic through display, video and native.

Clearly expressed. Beautifully packaged. Cleverly communicated.

For nearly three decades, under our motto “charm and change”, we have been establishing sustainable and profitable relationships with companies, government authorities and organisations and their users, followers and customers. We see no contradiction between business value and community involvement, or between artistic and commercial goals.

Interested in collaborating?

We are located in a large yellow house on Skeppsholmen, where you are always welcome. You can also contact us by email: hej@futurniture.com or speak directly with our directors.

Jakob Lind
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Read about some of our projects below.

Solar egg – Riksbyggen

Solar Egg tours the world! Our project for Riksbyggen in Kiruna has intrigued design- and architecture fans across the globe. Bigert & Bergström’s egg-shaped sauna created for Riksbyggen in Kiruna attracts the attention of design and architecture lovers all over the world! But the Solar Egg is so much more than just a feast for the eyes. It’s a fantastic sauna experience too.

IKEA Festival

Design Week Milano equals exclusive design, VIP-rooms and hors d'oeuvres. Yes? Together with IKEA, we put all of that on its head. Visitors were invited to share in an immersive experience about democratic design, ambient live acts and happenings to entertain, educate and inspire. The exhibition provided a place to rest and refresh during the busy Salone with tempting food, drinks and plenty of recharging points.  

Sweden.se – Svenska Institutet

Welcome to the digital home of Sweden. In a world with great challenges, Sweden's free and open society drives innovation and co-creation. That's exactly what Sweden.se is about. The website sparks curiosity about our society, lifestyle and our values. All conveyed with fact-based content.

The Swedish Riksbank

Our collaboration began during the pandemic, transforming the popular IRL event "Open house at the Riksbanken" into a digital live event. In 2019 the Riksbank started a pilot project to develop an e-krona. Futurniture was commissioned to develop a logo for the project. Other projects include media training, new teaching material for secondary schools and a recruitment campaign for one of Sweden's most exciting workplaces.